4 Tips for Your First Live NASCAR Event

While viewing a NASCAR race from the comfort of your own home is seemingly enjoyable enough. There is nothing quite like watching a NASCAR race live in person. The experience is uncomparable! Below you will find four tips on how to really milk the most fun out of your first live NASCAR event.

Tip #1 Plan Your Trip Ahead Of Time

When you plan your NASCAR trip ahead of time you truly get the bang for your buck! A great idea is to create a race day fund to save for the big day. It is of utmost importance to research and configure just how much it will cost to attend each race of your choice. This number will determine how much money you will need to save. Keep in mind that each race is different and ticket prices do vary. It is not uncommon to spend more on one race and less on the next. The more popular the event is, the more expensive the ticket will be. Once all of this information is gathered, you can begin your NASCAR race day fund.

Tip #2 Choose Your Location

There are several NASCAR races all over the world, so your options are endless when it comes to choosing a destination. The location you choose will depend upon your budget and time available to travel. If you can not take more than a few days off from work, then a closer race may be the right option for you. Closer races can be just as fun as a race halfway across the world!

Tip #3 Consider RV Camping

Firebirdraceway - RV Camping

One way to fully achieve the NASCAR race experience is to rent an RV. RVís are great for traveling to your desired location and tailgating with other race goers. Tailgating is a tradition for NASCAR fans, it is a chance for them to join together to drink and play games. Numerous fans will show up a day or two before the main event to thoroughly enjoy the tailgating experience, some even stay days after the event ends. Tailgating allows you to fully immerse yourself in NASCARís culture all while making new friends and watching amazing races. Plus, arriving early lets you enjoy all of the surrounding activities and vendor booths at the track!

Tip #4 Donít Forget to Pack the Essentials

Make sure to bring comfortable shoes, earplugs, sunscreen, water, and several changes of clothing. Comfortable shoes are vital because you will be doing a lot of walking and standing around. Be nice to your feet and wear protective closed-toed shoes. Earplugs are also non negotiable. You need to protect your ears against the loud sounds of the racecars whizzing around the track. The sound is no joke, if your ears go unprotected, you could go deaf. You will be exposed to the sun all day long, so it is in your best interest to pack a high SPF content sunscreen. It is no fun to get heat poison the day of the main event. Speaking of the sun, water is a must. Dehydration can also cause fainting and sickness. Be sure to pack plenty of water. Staying healthy is also apart of having fun.

A race scanner can also come in handy! Race scanners allow you to listen in on every event happening live on the track. The track itself will allow you to rent a scanner in order to listen to the races, radio, or even television. It is always fun to hear your favorite driver call out orders to their crew members!

Have fun at your first NASCAR event this coming racing season! You will not be disappointed. Once you witness NASCAR live, you wonít be able to watch it any other way!