Best Racing Games

For years racing games have been topping the list of the most popular games played. Below is the list of the best racing games for Android and iOS devices that includes mega-realistic racing simulators, arcades mashfests and much more.

Real Racing 3 (Android, iOS) (Free)

Real Racing 3 is a cool game that delivers unsurpassed driving experience. It enables the player to feel as if he is driving a real world car hitting fantastically rendered real-world racetracks. Players can choose from a range of game modes, time trials, straight up races and more. The obvious hit is the unique Time Shift Multiplayer mode that offers different challenges to gamers. There is the opportunity to update the game by adding more cars, events and a pit crew system.

Real Racing 3 Game Screenshot

Need For Speed: No Limits (Android, iOS)

It's a free racing game for those who love short, but intense races. Get into the driver's seat to blast through an underground street racing circuit. To win the game you will need to demonstrate excellent drifting, drafting skills as well as use nitro right. Victories will earn you parts so you could upgrade your vehicles or you can exchange your points into blueprints to unlock new machines. There are many in-game and premium currency systems, plus a fuel system, so by confronting with a range of daily challenges players can easily earn premium currency without splurging on in-app purchases.

Need For Speed: No Limits Game Screenshot

Fast & Furious: Legacy (Android, iOS)

Fast & Furious: Legacy has everything to satisfy your need for speed. Offering a unique combination of drag racing, lane control and insane drifting the game based on the hit movie franchise ensures an enjoyable arcade racing experience full of action. Players compete with the movie characters in different game modes, and have the opportunity to collect over 50 customizable cars. Among the game drawbacks are timers and free-to-play limiters, but Fast & Furious Legacy is still a fun racing game to play.

Fast & Furious: Legacy Game Screenshot

Asphalt 8 (Android, iOS) (Free)

Boasting fantastic graphics and fast-paced arcade racing Asphalt 8: Airborne comes with lots of ramps and other cool elements that enable players to take incredible leaps to make crazy aerial stunts. There are 56 high-performance cars, 180 events and eight seasons in Asphalt 8. Whether you are playing the game alone or in a group a variety of game modes ensures tons of gaming fun.

Asphalt 8 Game Screenshot

GT Racing 2 (Android, iOS) (Free)

Known for delivering "The Real Car Experience", Gameloft's GT Racing 2 is one of the best among the realistic driving simulators. It offers over 71 licensed cars that can hit 13 tracks. The game features a variety of game modes to choose from, including Duels, Knockouts and Overtakes, or the player can take part in classic races in a range of events, or join multiplayer races. The game has different camera modes plus a built-in screenshot function so the gamer can take in excellent graphics and weather effects.

Need For Speed: No Limits Game Screenshot

SBK 15 (Android, iOS)

SBK 15 is the official game of the Superbike World Championship. Players will experience super fast racing assuming the role of the leading riders like Tom Sykes, Fabien Foret and ImreToth while racing through beautifully rendered racetracks. In addition to first-rate graphics, SBK 15 also features nine control modes that include tilt controls and virtual joysticks, to name just a few. Whether you want to participate in championships, quick races or races against the ghosts of your friends' laps you are going to experience the thrill of the game. With a premium mode unlocked players have access to more content, including more tracks to tackle.

SBK 15 Game Screenshot

CSR Racing (Android, iOS) (Free)

CSR Racing is about urban drag racing. In this game you won't steer. To win this classic drag-race you need to ensure precise starts, perfectly timed gear-shifts and a tricked out car. The game features slick graphics that makes driving high performance cars through different environments a real pleasure. Being free to play CSR Racing offers the opportunity for the gamers to get cash from players, including gold premium currency and a 'gas' resource. When the player runs out of gas he can get more of it through in-app purchases.

CSR Racing Game Screenshot

AG Drive

AG Drive is a sleek arcade racing game that will immerse the player into a sci-fi future. There you can defy gravity and experience action-packed racing in a fantastic setting of sweeping vistas. Playing the role of the most skillful driver in the galaxy you will drive your antigravity powered car past incredible futuristic architecture. There is a variety of game modes in AG Drive, including time trials and elimination laps, with the chance to unlock more events or upgrade your car using the points scored.

AG Drive Game Screenshot

Riptide GP 2 (Android, iOS)

The game has a single player career mode offering over 30 races plus online four-way multiplayer races. There are nine customizable watercraft to choose from and the opportunity to unlock and unleash 25 new stunts that are sure to impress the crowd. A game features different game modes, and the players earn XP that can be exchanged for tricks as well as currency for purchasing and upgrading their watercraft. Races include traditional sprints for podium positions, hot lap, elimination and freestyle events.

Riptide GP 2 Game Screenshot

Motosport Manager (Android, iOS)

If you are a fan of races but also love strategic games consider trying out Motorsport Manager. In the game you will perform the role of a team manager who is in charge of his own racing team. You will be responsible for choosing the best drivers, upgrading your vehicles and deciding on the tactics.