Raceway Tickets

Being raceway enthusiast means attending race events and competitions. Planning to visit another sports venue make sure you check out TicketNetwork, an online ticket exchange, which provides an outlet of tickets to live entertainment events, including car races, motor cross and many others.

TicketNetwork is very similar to eBay, as it offers an online marketplace for a variety of tickets. It should be noted that at TicketNetwork transactions are handled by the individual seller. The price of the ticket includes a service fee for tickets purchased, in addition to a delivery fee that varies depending on the delivery method, location, and the period of time before the event. As soon as the tickets are available, they are immediately sent to the buyer. Sellers use the TicketNetwork Point of Sale software to list and manage tickets on the marketplace. Customers who use TicketNetwork coupon codes are eligible for enticing discount.

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Firebirdraceway Raceway Tickets

TicketNetwork was founded in 2002 by Don Vaccaro and Doug Kruse. The company operates several retail sites and partners with well-known travel and media companies. TicketNetwork operates such retail websites as TicketNetwork.com and TicketLiquidator.com. It also sponsors Ticket Summit, an annual trade show which is very popular among resellers and other ticket industry figures, and operates TicketNews, an industry news site. Better Ticketing Association, a website, which provides data and resources for the ticket resale industry, is operated by TicketNetwork, too.

In July 2011 TicketNetwork got a $4.5 million and $1.8 million loan in the framework of the State of Connecticut's First Five Program, in exchange for hiring 200 employees during two years. TicketNetwork has also obtained a $250,000 grant for the engineers training.