Time: Gates open at 5:00 pm

Prices: Spectators & Crew: Please park in the front lot at Gate 2
- Adult $10.00
- Children 12 & under FREE!

Racers: All Racer Pits ( Drifting and Drag Racing) will be in the lakeside lot.

Drifting: Purchase Drift Race entry through GATE 2 and pit in the lakeside lot.
(prices per racer - NOT PER CAR)

- Drift Racing $40.00 (Main Course)
- Drift and Drag $50.00

Drag: Purchase Drag Race entry through GATE 2 and pit in the lakeside lot
- Drag Racing $20.00
- Junior Drag Racing $20.00
- Drift and Drag $50.00



Tech Specs

Unique Requirements/Specs – for Drifting

Snell approved helmet required – We will have some on site for use

Car battery must be securely fastened

Radiator must have proper overflow containment

All lug nuts/wheel studs must be in place

Convertibles allowed only on skid pad


Specifications for Drags, see NHRA Rules


Fan Guide

Will food/beverages be available on site?
Yes.  Concessions will be open during show hours.  Menu varies depending upon event, but soda, water, beer, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, etc. are standard.

Can I bring alcohol to the event?
No.  Per Arizona State Law, no alcoholic beverages can be brought onto the property.

Can I bring an ice chest?
Yes with conditions.  Ice chest must be “six-pack size” or smaller and may not contain glass, alcohol, or other prohibited items.

What can I bring in my ice chest?
See above

I’m in a wheel chair where do I park and how do I get to my seat?
For all major events (non street drag events) there will be a designated parking lot for vehicles showing disabled license plate or hang tag.  For most of our spectator events, there will be a disabled tram running.  This tram stops in the disabled parking lot and at two designated places close to the handicap seating areas.  Please call the Firebird office at 602-268-0200 if you have any question about whether the tram will be at the event.

Can I bring my scooter/golf cart?
No.  Scooters, golf carts, roller skates, barstool racers, and any other type of motorized vehicles are not permitted on the facility.  The only exceptions to this are motorized wheel chairs and mobility scooters for disabled patrons.

Can I bring my dog, cat, or other pet?
No pets are permitted on the facility except for facilitative animals.

Where do I park?
Parking is different for every event, signs will be posted on Wild Horse Pass and Maricopa Road to direct you to the proper gate for your credential.  Once you have entered the facility, security will direct you to approved parking areas.  Parking in unapproved areas will result in vehicle being towed at owner’s expense.

I’m displaying, can I stake my tent?
No.  There is no staking permitted on the property.  Please bring your own tent weights or make arrangements prior to event to rent some from Firebird.

What is the speed limit on site?
The speed limit everywhere on the facility (except the dragstrip) is 5 mph.

I want to advertise for my business or charity, can I hand out flyers?
No material can be distributed on Firebird property without the prior written approval of Firebird management.

I bought my tickets through Ticketforce, Where do I pick them up?
Generally Gate 3 or Gate 1, look for the signs that say Will Call.

If you have any further questions, please contact or locate the Firebird Information Booth once on site.


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