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Facility Rental Information

Firebird International Raceway has many opportunities for your company to rent space and tracks here on property. With four race tracks and a full time track rentals staff, the opportunity for you and your company to put together a great day at the race track is just a call away. Our corporate rental programs offer the exceptional flexibility of having an on-track experience with space for corporate meetings, lunches, dinners, parties, or anything else your company desires. What a perfect way to entertain your clients!  To book your facility rental and discuss our programs please call 602-268-0200 and ask for the Track Rentals Department.

Firebird Elevation - 1,243 feet above sea level

Firebird International Raceway

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Firebird Course and Drag Strip

Firebird Course - 1.6 Mile or 1.1 Mile Road Course which utilizes 1/4 Mile Dragstrip with 14 turns and a 5/8 mile straight-away; used for amateur road races, testing for professional racing teams, television commercial production companies and Ride & Drive Programs.

1/4 Mile Drag Strip -Top-rated NHRA Sanctioned; plays host to capacity crowds attending annual events like the NHRA Nationals. Firebird holds monthly and weekly drag racing programs for the benefit of the amateur racer as well. Firebird and Castrol/Syntec also offers a Junior Drag Program for the young enthusiast.

East Track

East Test Track - 1.25 Mile Road Course with 10 turns, a 1/2 mile straight-away and 2/10th of a mile barrier pit lane makes it the perfect test track for Formula and Indy Cars. Also used by the Bondurant School for their advanced students and by Ride & Drive promotional companies

The Firebird East test track is also Cart/Champ Car Certified.

West Track

West Test Track - 1.1 Mile Road Course, incorporating 11 tight turns and a 3/8 mile straight-away. The elevated pit area overlooking the track is 8 feet higher than the surrounding terrain, the course itself has no signage which provides a generic background for film companies and continuous observation of test cars. Home of Tire Pros Truck & 4x4 Aftermarket Expo.

Firebird Lake

Firebird Lake - 120 Acres / 1.1 Miles in Length / 2.4 Miles Oval.  IHBA and APBA Sanctioned, the private lake is designed primarily for high speed racing including drag and circle boats.  Also the home of the ASU Water Ski team during the week, Firebird Lake offers nearly flawless conditions for water-sports tournaments and boat-testing

Skid Pads

All Skid Pads are paved and surrounded by security fencing. They are utilized by many Club Racers and Ride & Drive companies for Autocross racing and handling comparison programs.

Lot #3 - 300 x 700 feet 210,000 Square Feet
(not available weekdays -used by Bondurant School)
Lot #4 - 450 x 600 feet 270,000 Square Feet
Lot #5 - 530 X 165 feet 87,450 Square Feet
Paddock A - 95,00 Square Feet

Hospitality Pavilions

Lake Side - The 2,400 square foot permanent structure is situated inside a 27,000 square foot fenced, meticulously prepared turf area along the shore of Firebird Lake. The pavilion can be rimmed by tents, or the grassy area filled with umbrella covered tables and chairs. It is also a unique place to conduct award presentations, and entertain clients and employees for any type of event.


Bill Johnson's Big Apple Pavilion - This 4,000 square foot red-tiled roof, open-air pavilion, is located through the main gate entrance. Flanked by palm trees, rimmed by flowering shrubs and ideally situated just steps from the dragstrip, it is the perfect place for VIP and special activities.

Track Side Corporate Suite Towers

Budweiser Tower - Firebird's Budweiser Tower is located adjacent to the drag strip starting line. It is perfect for watching an event on the Firebird Course or can be utilized for meetings, lunches, or classroom instruction. All areas of the building are available for special events, these include a ground level patio, single suites, and one double suite. The two ground level suites also have fenced patios on the drag strip side of the tower. Indoor amenities include electrical outlets, air conditioning/heating, lighting, seating, kitchenettes, and permanent restroom facilities.


Gila River Casinos Tower - Firebird's Gila River Casinos Tower is located directly behind the drag strip starting line. It is perfect for watching an event on the Firebird Course or as meeting, lunch, or classroom areas for other events. All areas of the building are available for special events, these include the Tower Conference Center, single suites, double suites, ground level patio, and the Top of the Tower. Indoor amenities include; electrical outlets, air conditioning/heating, and lighting. The suites and Top of the Tower also include seating, sinks, and counters. Permanent restroom facilities are also included.


Firebird Road Course
Full Course (Weekends only)
SCCA Certified
Length 1.6 Miles
Width 45 to 60 Feet
Turns 14
Straight-away 5/8 Mile

Firebird Road Course
Short Course (Available Weekdays)
Length 1.1 Miles
Width 45 to 60 Feet
Turns 11
Straight-away 5/8 Mile

Firebird Dragstrip
NHRA Sanctioned
Home of the Checker Schuck's Kragen Nationals
660' Concrete Pad
Length 1/4 Mile
Width 60 Feet

East Test Track
Champ Car Certified
Length 1.2 Miles
Width 45 to 60 Feet
Turns 10
Straight-away 1/2 Mile

Lot 4
Length 600 Feet
Width 450 Feet
Main Vendor Area for Truckin Nationals
Overlooks West Track

West Test Track
Length 1.2 Miles
Width 30 to 40 Feet
Turns 11
Straight-away 3/8 Mile

Firebird Lake
IHBA & APBA Sanctioned
Length 1.1 Miles     Oval 1.25 Miles
Total Area 120 Acres     Depth 10 -12 Ft. Avg.
Width 1,000     Island 50 wide

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